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Protective Services

Fire Department 

The Pense Volunteer Fire Department was organized to provide firefighting services to the Town of Pense and the RM of Pense. It works with the Regina EMS for response awareness. The 911 number is used by those reporting a fire in the area and our fire department members are then alerted. Residents receive a discount on their insurance premiums for having this service in our community.

Regular meetings are held twice a month at the fire hall. Please contact the fire department or email them for a schedule. These meetings are used to practice firefighting routines, maintenance and repair to the equipment, special training and community service (water main flushing, etc.). Occasional workdays are organized for weekends if a big project or major repair is required as well as out-of-town training.

Our fire department is made up of volunteers and we are always in need of more people to help out. If you think you would like to help out in this important service to the community, please email the department at email the department.

Fire Chief
David Smith

Deputy Fire Chief
Ken Lovell

Shannon Schouten

Do I still need Fire Fighting Insurance?

Yes, even with a volunteer fire department, it is recommended that everyone have Fire Fighting Insurance for at least $10,000 in coverage. Contact your local insurance broker for more information.

First Responders

The First Responder program has been designed to assist rural communities in the expeditious response of qualified emergency personnel to an emergency in their area. The Pense First Responders were formed in late 1995. The First Responder program was being offered through the Regina Health District, and some residents believed it would be a valuable asset to the community. Initial meetings were held and after much planning, organization and training, a group of 15 dedicated community members were ready to respond to their first emergency. The first call came in June, 1996.

The Pense First Responders have been extensively trained by personnel from Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The training must be updated annually through EMS. They also have monthly meetings, so that existing skills may be reviewed and new skills may be acquired. Several times a year, they have EMS personnel come to the meetings to provide further training. For example, at one meeting the guest speaker gave a very informative session on dealing with emergencies involving multiple casualties, such as in the aftermath of a tornado.

Many people are unsure of the chain of events that leads to the First Responders arriving at their home in an emergency. When Emergency Services is contacted by dialing 911, and an ambulance is dispatched to the scene of the emergency, the First Responders are then contacted by EMS and sent to where they are needed. They are advised by the Regina Health District not to attend the scene as a First Responder unless an ambulance is on its way. It is the decision of EMS personnel at 911 to decide when and if the First Responders are called to a particular emergency.

In the past, the Pense First Responders have received funding from the Town of Pense, the R.M. of Pense, the Pense Lions, the Recreation Board, the Pense Sledrunners and the Pense Fundraising Committee (PFC). Without the financial assistance from these organizations, they would not be operational, as the funds received provide both training and needed equipment on an ongoing basis.

Every one of the First Responders is dedicated and takes his/her responsibilities very seriously. They are positive, caring and truly committed to helping the residents of this community.


The Town of Pense pays for the services of the R.C.M.P. White Butte Detachment. If you need to contact the R.C.M.P., please call 306-781-5050.