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Community Fitness

Pense Community Fitness is excited to offer the community the opportunity for personal growth. Our club and members have pride in our commitment to a healthy lifestyle through the art of Shindo Ju-jitsu, self-defense and the emotional/psychological aspects of self-defense. Fight your fear, learn valuable techniques and curb your vices in a family oriented, positive environment.

If you are more interested in fitness in a gym atmosphere, we have a well-equipped fitness center, which includes a wide variety of weight machines, free weights, treadmills, stationery bikes, as well as a Nautilus elliptical machine. Ask our trained, certified instructors for advice on how to meet your personal goal of an improved life.

Pense Community Fitness is proud to support "inmotion"- a Saskatchewan movement towards a healthier province.

 Please contact Vanessa Amy at 345-2497 to join or for more information.