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Building and Development Permit

What is a Development Permit and do I need one?

A Development Permit is required prior to any development. It ensures that the development conforms with the Zoning Bylaw and Official Community Plan. It is the "what" and "where" of the building process. Development permit requirements can be found in Appendix "A" of the Zoning Bylaw.

Applicants must submit the appropriate building plans and Development Permit Application to the Municipal Office and receive development approval to ensure that the construction project meets all municipal zoning bylaws.

Once the development project is approved, the applicant can then move forward with the Building Permit application.

Development cannot start prior to obtaining a permit.

What is a Building Permit and when is it required?

A Building Permit is required for new building construction, garages/carports, decks (not built on grade), mobile homes, basement development in a dwelling, renovation, alteration or addition to an existing building, fireplaces, wood stoves, and heaters, change of use occupancy of a building. It ensures that all proposed construction conforms to Saskatchewan building standards. 

If you are building a deck or landing:

  • Any deck or landing that is more than 1' above grade requires a building permit, does not matter the size.
  • Any deck or landing that is less than 1' below grade , but exceeds 100 square feet requires a permit.
  • Any replacing of a old deck to a new one still needs a permit.

If you are building or purchasing a gazebo:

  • A building permit is required for any gazebo over 100 square feet. This includes pre-manufactured gazebos purchased from a retailer.
  • A building permit is not required for any gazebo 100 square feet or less.
  • To apply for a permit, complete the Accessory Building application form found under the Residential Building Projects - PBI Requirements below. Be sure to include details such as foundation\anchoring details, post locations and sizes, beam and rafter details (span and size). 

A building permit is not required for fences, driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, and general household maintenance.

For more information on what is required for your building permit, view the PBI requirements below based on your project.

Please be sure to submit a completed Building Permit Application along with all required PBI forms to the Town office.

Property owners will be required to pay a building deposit in the amount of $2000.00 to the Town Office at the time of applying for a building permit for a building of any type excluding accessory buildings. The Town will refund the deposit upon the completion of the building.

All development and building permit application, forms, and payments should be submitted to the Town Office and not directly to PBI.

What does a building permit cost?

The building permit fee will be based on the fees charged by the service provider for the plan review, field inspections, and enforcement services for construction, erection, placement, alteration, repair, renovation or reconstruction of a building. Building permit fees are due once your permit is approved.

Do I need a permit to demolish a building?

Yes! A permit is required to demolish. The fee for the permit is $25.00. As per bylaw the Town requires a $500.00 demolition deposit fee. Please complete the application for a permit to demolish or remove a building and submit it to the office. For more information please view the Building Bylaw.

What is the process if I want to move a building into Town?

Please contact PBI directly at 306-536-1799 for all your Pre-Move and Post-Move requirements and inspections.

What could happen if I don't apply for one?

If it comes to our attention something was built without a permit, the appropriate measures will be taken to ensure the proper permit(s) are taken out and enforced. 

If a structure is built, renovated or added on, etc. without a required permit, there is a good possibility that it could affect you if you decide to sell your property. We would have to inform whomever is in charge of the sale. This could delay your sale.

Is there a Residential Development Incentive?

Yes, the Town has a Residential Development Incentive Policy which includes a property tax exemption amount for new residential development.

Water Meter Requirements

The homeowner is responsible to have a licensed plumber come pickup a water meter at the Town Office and install it. Please notify the Town Office at 305-345-2332 two weeks prior to move in date. Call the Town Office to arrange to have the meter verified and sealed.