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Fees and Licenses

Business Licenses

If you are a ratepayer, trades person or salespersons, and you wish to have a business within the Town limits, you are required to purchase a business license annually. Business licenses cost $10 each. Once registered your business will also be listed on the business directory on our website. Please inquire at the Town Office for further information.

Pet Licenses

You are required to purchase a license for each dog or cat in your household to a maximum of three pets in January of each year. Pet licenses cost $5 for a spayed/neutered cat or dog, or $10 for intact pets. Lost tag replacements cost $5. You will be issued a tag for each license purchased. Please inquire at the Town Office for further information.


A building permit is required if you are making structural changes to a building on your property. This includes major interior improvements such as developing a basement and most exterior improvements such as building a shed, a garage or deck. Building permits are to your benefit and ensure that your improvement is safe and meets standard building codes. A Demolition Permit may be required if you are demolishing and removing any structures on your property. The demolition permit ensures that the structure is removed from your assessment. Some projects may not require a permit, but must comply with zoning standards. Visit our Building & Development Permit page or contact the Town Administrator for more information.