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Garbage & Recycling

Curbside Waste Collection and Single Stream Recycling

Curbside Waste Collection and Single Stream Recycling is done by Loraas Disposal. Every household has a assigned garbage and recycling cart. 
  • Place the cart at roadside by 7a.m. on collection day with wheels facing towards the curb
  • Return the emptied cart to your property before the end of the day
  • Inform the Town or Loraas Disposal of any damage, vandalism or theft of the cart
Garbage pickup and recycling will alternate from week to week. View the 2024 Curbside Collection Calendar.

What Can I Recycle?

For information on what can be included in your curbside blue bin, view the Loraas Single Stream pamphlet.

Want to know more about recycling electronics, batteries, tires, paints, and other items not allowed in the curbside blue bins, visit Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council's searchable recycling programs and donation drop-off database.

What About Composting?

Composting is a nature's way of recycling organic matter such as fruit & vegetables peelings, leaves & grass clippings and eggshells. It creates a rich, nutrient dense substance that can be used for soil conditioning and crop nutrition.

Curbside composting collection is available directly through Loraas. If you are interested please contact Loraas at 306-721-1000 or visit

Check out the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council resources below to learn more about home composting:

Want to Reduce your Household Waste?

Regardless of family size or lifestyle, there are small changes we can make in our everyday lives to reduce the amount of waste heading to landfills. Simple actions like donating used items or buying second hand, using reusable water bottle, or buying products that come in less packaging can make a big impact.

Check out the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council’s page about living the 3Rs Lifestyle or the Government of Saskatchewan’s Waste Management page.