Building a Fence

Although a building permit is not required to build a fence, some regulations do apply. Section 4.10 if the Town's Zoning Bylaw governs the construction of fences.

Height Restrictions

  • Maximum height in back yards and side yards is 2.0m above grade.
  • Maximum height in any front yard is 1.0m above grade.

Additionally, no barbed wire or razor wire fences are allowed.

Sharing a fence?

If one neighbour is building a fence between two properties, is the other neighbour responsible to pay half? Co-operation between neighbours often results in cost shared fence construction projects. The Town of Pense has no jurisdiction in disputes arising over fence construction, cost, or maintenance, as these matters fall within Provincial jurisdiction and can be resolved through civil litigation.

Call Before Digging

To avoid injury or disruption of utility services, it is advised that you contact your utility providers at least 48 hours prior to excavating or drilling post holes for line locates. Visit to click or call before you dig and request line locates.