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Assessment/Property Tax


Every four years, Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) does a reassessment of all properties in the province. Property assessment is the process of determining a property’s assessed value for property tax purposes as of a specific date.

Assessed value is not market value. Assessed value is determined by applying the market valuation standard and the rules and procedures that are contained in The Municipalities Act, Saskatchewan Assessment Manual and, by following the appropriate statutes. Local governments use property assessments as a basis for the distribution of property taxes among property owners. Property assessment is not the same as property tax

Property owners will receive an Assessment Notice from the Town Administrator informing them of any changes in assessed value of $1,000 or more, or if there was an ownership change.

For more information about assessment or SAMA. visit:

If you have specific questions regarding why your property has been assessed a certain way, or what the things on your assessment mean, you may contact SAMA directly at 1-800-667-7262 or You may also contact the Town Office at 306-345-2332 regarding the assessment, and the appeals process, or with questions on how your assessment might affect your taxes.

Property Taxes

Property tax notices are usually mailed by June 30th of each year. Property taxes are due by December 31st each year; if they remain unpaid a 25% penalty will be applied.

If you would like your tax notice or assessment notice emailed to you, please note that a Consent Form must be filled out and emailed back to the Town Office.

Property taxes are calculated as follows: 
((Taxable Assessed Value * Municipal mill rate)/1000) * Mill Rate Factor + Base Tax = Municipal Property Taxes

If the total above is less than the Minimum tax amount, then the Minimum tax amount will be to the total municipal property tax.

Payment Options

Payment can be made at the Town Office during regular business hours by cash, cheque, debit or credit card. Online credit card payments are also accepted. If you would like to etransfer call the Town Office at 306-345-2332.

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