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Library Services

Palliser Regional Library

The Town of Pense is part of the Palliser Regional Library system. Your FREE library card gives you access to all of the Palliser Regional Libraries in the province (see map below).

Did you know that through your library card you can get access to more than just books? The library provides many exciting services, including:

  • Access the full database for free when you access it from one of their locations.
  • Borrow a Saskatchewan Park pass and enjoy a seven-day loan period with free access to nearly 100 regional parks across the province.
  • Borrow a Radon detector to check the levels of radon in your home.

For a full list of services visit the Palliser Regional Library website.

Your Palliser Library card can also give you access to all libraries in the province. Speak with a Palliser Regional Library for more information.

Town Library

The Town Office is home to a donation based self-serve library available to the public during normal office hours. Entirely filled by book donations from residents, there is something for all ages and interests!

The library uses an honor system for borrowing. Feel free to stop by the office and help yourself to some new-to-you reading material. Then simply bring it back when you are finished.

Need to find a new home for your books? If you want to donate them to our little Town library, just stop by the office with your books and they will find their new home on the library shelves.