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Important Fire Ban

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Community Bulletin Board

Seasons Greetings, Progress readers!  I wanted to get this out early because there are a few important dates coming up…the Pense School Concert this week for one.  The days are flying and we will soon be looking at the remains of Christmas and wondering where that went!  It seems to come up faster every year…and goes by just as fast.  The little people will be soooo excited for the big day to come and that’s what makes it so much fun.  Whatever your Christmas traditions are, enjoy each and every one of them and may 2018 be filled with good health, happiness and success.

See you in the New Year.
Pat Langston, Editor

Water Advisory Lifted

The Town has received notification from the Water Security Agency that the Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory has been rescinded as of 3:30 PM Tuesday December 5, 2017.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and cooperation!

In addition, a huge thank you to Town Foreman Jason and Jon from KMS Construction and staff for going door to door delivering notices to the residents!

Community Planning

On September 30th, the Pense Town Council hosted a Community Planning Session along with leaders from our community organizations. Representatives from the Rink Board, Fire Department, Recreation Board, Fundraising Committee, and the R.M. of Pense Council were all in attendance. An informative engaging day was spent with a local facilitator on the understanding of governance and how it relates to the important work we do in the community.

The following summary report was compiled from questions, topics, and perspectives discussed that day. This will assist Town Council to move forward with strategic planning for our community.

See the report

Fire Ban

The fire ban has been lifted within the Town of Pense.  You cannot burn rubbish, garden refuse, grass clippings and any material that generates black smoke or an offensive odor.  If the Pense District Volunteer Fire Department is called to investigate a noxious or out of control fire, the homeowner will be billed the $750.00 call out fee.

Cleanup Bin

The Town will be bringing in a large bin for resident’s cleanup starting on October 2nd for one week, and it will be placed at the Town Shop. As with previous bins, you are not allowed to dispose of tires, cement, furniture, metal, mattresses or appliances. Paints and electronics can be disposed of at Sarcan. Anything recyclable must be placed in your curbside recycle bin.

Anti-Bullying Bylaw

To create a positive environment in our community, Town Council passed an Anti-Bullying Bylaw at the September meeting. This bylaw has been put in place to protect those who are being harassed or bullied within the Municipality of Pense. The definition of bullying means the repeated or habitual harassment of others by the real or threatened infliction of physical violence and attacks, racially, ethnic, religious, disability, personal appearance, gender or sexual orientation based abuse, taunts, name calling and put downs that are verbal, written or electronically transmitted, or emotional abuse, extortion or stealing of money and possessions and social out casting in a public place.

Pense Fowl Supper

Pense Town Hall
Sunday October 29th 4:30 – 7 pm. Doors open at 4
Adults $15
Children 5 – 12 $7.50
Preschool free

Effective Immediately Today July 18, 2017
Open Fire Fire Ban is Imposed

Please read the attached 

Water Rate Increase

Due to City of Regina water usage rate increase, there has been an increase of 8% on water usage rates for the Town of Pense.

Business & Pet Licenses

2017 Business and Pet Licenses are due. Town of Pense business license is a $10 fee, and this will also put your business name on the Town website. Dog & Cat licenses are $5.00 for a fixed animal and $10.00 for a non fixed animal.

Backyard Fires

You cannot burn rubbish, garden refuse, grass clippings and any material that generates black smoke or an offensive odor.  If the Pense District Volunteer Fire Department is called to investigate a noxious or out of control fire, the homeowner will be billed the $750.00 call out fee.

Grass Clippings

Residents are reminded that you are not allowed to dispose of grass clippings in back alleys or on any municipally owned property such as boulevards or ditches.

Notice : May 31, 2016

Nuisance Bylaw

The Town has a nuisance bylaw in place to keep our streets and neighborhoods clean, and to prevent unsightly properties and obstructions. Please remove any junked vehicles, outdoor garbage, and keep grass and weeds cut back.  Help to beautify Pense and take pride in your community.


Pet Bylaw

The Town Office has had many complaints regarding dogs & cats running at large, dogs barking, and defecating on public and private property. Some pet owners have been observed not picking up after their dog has made a mess. Please be courteous and keep your pet from defecating, or creating any other mess on private property.  Ensure you clean up after your pet at all times. Dogs are not allowed to run at large or bark excessively. Animals must have a pet license. The Town has a bylaw in effect and fines in place for pet owners who do not comply with any of the above infractions. You may also call the RCMP to report a noise infraction for a barking dog at 306 781-5050.


Pense Landfill

Effective June 1st, 2016, household garbage will not be disposed of in pits but instead collected in bins, which will be transferred to the landfill in Regina. Large household items such as furniture, mattresses, etc, will no longer be accepted after the existing garbage pit is full. Garbage will be accepted from town residents until December 31, 2016, after which time the landfill will be for RM residents use only.


Utility Increase

Pending approval from Sask Municipal Board, there will be a 10% rate increase on water usage. This is due to the City of Regina water rate increase. Interest rates will also increase from 1.5% to 3% on overdue accounts.


Tax Increase

There will be a modest tax increase this year Interest rates on unpaid taxes at the end of the year will go from 15% to a 25% penalty.


Backyard Fires

You are not allowed to burn rubbish, garden refuse and any material that generates black smoke or an offensive odour. With a dry high risk season upon us you must be careful and contain your fires in a firepit that is a safe distance away from any buildings or trees.   

Water Utility Bill

We are now offering residents the option of receiving your water bill as an email rather than by regular mail. If you would like this option please contact the Office for the consent form

Elm Tree Pruning

The ban on pruning Elm trees is now in effect starting April 01 through to August 31. It is illegal to store or transport elm firewood.

Backyard Fires

Please be respectful to your neighbors and refrain from burning any rubbish, garden refuse and any material that generates black smoke. Please contain your fires in a firepit that is a safe distance away from any buildings or trees.

Building Permits

If you are thinking of building or renovating check with the Town Office to determine whether or not that you require a permit.

Street Light Outages

Your can report any street light outages directly to Sask Power at 1-888-757-6937 or you can go to their website at

Pet Licenses and Business Licenses

2016 Pet Licences and Business Licenses are now due. All pets and businesses require a license. Town business licenses are $10 for the calendar year, and pet licenses are $5.00 for a fixed pet and $10.00 for non-fixed.

Recycle Bins

With the positive feedback and requests from residents, the Town will be going to recycling carts at everyone's homes. The current multi-bin therefore will be removed from the rink parking lot. Effective October 30th, recycling carts will be delivered to every residence. Garbage pickup and recycling will alternate from week to week. Starting November 6th it will be the first recycling pickup, with the following Thursday November 13th being the garbage pickup. Please watch your Post Office box for a list of items that you can recycle as well as a calendar of pickups.

2016 Waste & Recycling Calendar
Single Stream Recycling Information Sheet


We receive many phone calls regarding the use of ATV's in town. Below is a news release from the Saskatchewan RCMP. Please call the White Butte Detachment at 306 781 5050 to report any infractions.

Saskatchewan RCMP would like to remind the public about the laws associated with the All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) Act. An ATV - which includes quads, dirt bikes and off-road utility vehicles - is a vehicle designated for off-road use only.

To operate an ATV in any public areas, a person must be at least 16 years old, and hold a valid driver's license. Those who are between the ages of 12 and 15 can operate an ATV in public areas if they are supervised by someone who has a valid driver's license, or who has passed an approved ATV training course. A child under the age of 12 cannot operate an ATV in public areas. An ATV has restrictions on where it can be operated. They can be operated on Crown land or highway right-of-ways, such as ditches. ATV's cannot be operated on any street, road, or highway, or for crossing a bridge, unless it is authorized by permission of the land owner. It is illegal to operate an ATV while impaired by drugs or alcohol, even when doing so on private land. Also, driving in a manner that is dangerous to the public is illegal. These are criminal offences that can result in criminal charges, seizure of the ATV and the loss of a driver's license.

If you are found on public land by police, you must provide proof of insurance. Every rider MUST wear an approved helmet and appropriate protective riding gear. Every person who authorizes or permits another person to operate an ATV in contravention of any provision of this Act or the regulations; or without complying with any provision of this Act or the regulations is guilty of an offence against the Act.

You may view the Saskatchewan ATV Act further at

Animal Control

Please do not let your pets run at large and defecate/urinate on other people's property. All animals must be licensed and on a leash. You are reminded that the Town of Pense does have an animal control bylaw in place with first offence fines starting at $250.00

Drinking Water Quality and Compliance Annual Notice to Consumers

2014 Report

2013 Report

Parking & Vehicles

The Town of Pense has a bylaw that restricts parking on the streets or boulevards at any one place for any period of time exceeding 24 consecutive hours. The boulevards are Town property and they are not public parking spots. Parking in these areas has severely handicapped what the Town Foreman can do with grading the roads and providing proper water runoff. Be advised that Council will have these vehicles towed away at the owner's expense if not removed when asked. In addition please ensure that if you have a 5th wheel that they are not protruding out past your property line. We appreciate all co-operation in this matter.

Angle parking is designated area only. Parking 90 degrees to your property is illegal.

Building Permits

Please remember to get a building permit prior to any construction. Contact the Town Office for more information.

Residential Development Incentive Policy

Residential Development Incentive Policy

2011 Census Information

Statcan Website

Community Book Exchange

Community Book Exchange located at the Town Office during regular business hours.

If you like to read - come choose a book from recently donated items. Based on the honour system you can take a book or perhaps you would like to donate a book.

There is a community bulletin board in the Town building, in the hallway between the Town office and the Post office.

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