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2020 Municipal Election

                    MUNICIPAL ELECTION NOVEMBER 9, 2020 

Have you thought about running for municipal council ?

Municipal Governance 101: Introduction to Local Government

To encourage participation in municipal governance and increase understanding of what it means to be on council, Municipalities of Saskatchewan has created Municipal Governance 101, free virtual education sessions designed for everyone who has an interest in municipal politics or who is thinking of running for council. Municipal Governance 101: Introduction to Local Government is the first session in the series, open to everyone from a Saskatchewan city, town, or village. This one-hour session will be held on September 1 at 6:30 p.m. In coordination with the Ministry of Government Relations, Municipal Governance 101: Introduction to Local Government will cover what the role of council is, what your responsibilities are as a councillor, and more. 

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On September 8, 9, and 10, Municipalities of Saskatchewan will be holding three separate sessions where residents from cities, towns, and villages will have the chance to ask a panel of individuals experienced in municipal governance their questions. A separate registration is required to attend the open forum designed for your community.

Municipal Governance 101: City Hall

Municipal Governance 101: Town Hall

Municipal Governance 101: Village Hall  

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